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  • Henry Longstaff

Grubby Little Mitts: Hello, Hi - Assembly Edinburgh Fringe

The madcap duo are back for more

Grubby Little Mitts


Last summer the absurdist comedy team comprised of Rosie Nicholls and Sullivan Brown won an award for their wild and wacky debut sketch show, but you can forget about that one, their latest is even better. Expect slicker sketches, hilarious sound design and a finale that has to be seen to be believed (trust me).

Equipped with their trademarked red costumes and matching props the pair launch through a true variety of sketches, kicked off by a simply terrifying set of boxes whose lids once lifted unleash unpredictable chaos charmingly underscored by Gene Kelly’s Singin’ In The Rain. After this hilarity, we are treated to bizarrely specific directions to the nearest post office, the beginnings of an anxiety fuelled relationship and the reoccurring character of Father Hen who is definitely and I repeat definitely not a virgin.

In comparison to their debut, this production has the whiff of more time and polish, notably in the delightful sound design that compliments the work of the pair and their wonderfully expressive faces. It’s rare to see a sketch show that thrives so much in its unpredictability, Nicholls and Brown continually subvert all expectations and by the final sketch anything could happen - but maybe wear a raincoat if you are sat in the front row…

These two are going from strength to strength, so grab a ticket before they get snatched up for a Netflix series - bloody brilliant.

Running 6-14th, 16-28th - Tickets

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