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  • Henry Longstaff

Chicken - Summerhall Edinburgh Fringe

There’s a joke about crossing the road to be made here

Eva O'Connor in Chicken


We sit in a small circle before a door is opened and Eva O’Connor stands silhouetted on the threshold. No longer human, she sports a magnificent, sparkling plumage, her physicality now warped, her neck protruding, eyes wide and arms stretched backwards slapping against feathers. There is no doubt, O’Connor is a chicken.

The Kerry Cock announces that his time is nearly up and therefore this is the moment to tell his unlikely story to the collected audience. Named after Irish Nationalist Leader Daniel O’Connell the pressure was always on the chicken to make something of his life and after he caught the acting bug he did just that. From starring as Jesus in the nativity to catching Michael Fassbender’s eye when performing as an extra the rise to stardom was astronomical, launching our feathered friend as far as the Oscars with a chronic ketamine addiction to match.

O’Connor’s performance is nothing short of exquisite. She captivates and surprises, pecking around the space, never once dropping the wonderful physicality. The humour and absurdity of the piece are constant and magnificent. O’Connor’s comedic talent obvious particularly when combined with her and Hildegard Ryan’s remarkable writing. Somehow at nine o’clock on a Sunday evening, I find myself rooting for a chicken battling fame, ketamine and poultry rights and I am here for it.

Chicken is a rare gem, a fringe triumph that no words can quite do justice in describing, so cockle doodle-doo yourself a favour and see this show.

Running 8-13th, 15-20th, 22-27th - Tickets

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