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  • Henry Longstaff

Dreamworld - Camden People's Theatre

Narcism and broken dreams converge at the Camden Fringe


The hopes and wishes we yearn for as children, often fail to materialise and despite this being the norm, it doesn't make them any easier to move on from. Cathy is one such person. Her broken dreams plague her on a daily basis, so when given the smallest of opportunities to step into the spotlight she takes it - though it doesn’t quite go as expected. This is a play about manifesting, dance and the power of Facebook posts from distant aunts.

Amelia Gann delivers a non-stop knockout performance as Zumba teacher Cathy, whose longing to be on the stage still haunts her into her thirties. Her choreography and movement nicely punctuate the absurdist humour that overflows from the scrip, all whilst highly convincing in her storytelling.

Not only does Gann give us a quality performance, but she also provides an excellent and engaging script that is highly relatable, whether you are a Zumba expert or newbie alike. Despite being only an hour long, we completely understand Cathy’s wants and motivations and therefore can’t help but root for her, even with non-existent empathy. This is because Gann has crafted such a well-rounded script, full of character dissection and a fresh feeling plot that is equally ludicrous as it is compelling.

With one of the most out-of-the-blue conclusions (no spoilers), this may be my favourite of the Camden Fringe so far this year. Gann serves up a complete, captivating and funny hour of theatre and I am excited to see where she lends her talent next.

It runs until 14 August - Tickets

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