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Frank Skinner - 30 Years of Dirt - Gielgud Theatre & Tour

Frank Skinner reflects on thirty years in comedy

Frank Skinner - 30 years of dirt


He may have been in the business for over thirty years but Skinner remains in fine form as he cooly commands the stage. Meandering through casually crafted anecdotes and amusing stories he explores and delights at the change that has occurred since he began his stand-up career, the new challenges that modern comedians must navigate. His latest set firmly takes a retrospective viewpoint of his career and the threads that are entangled with it - notably his long-term relationship and the many aspects that have been lost to the sands of time. Whilst an inch of melancholy strays into the evening, Skinner is a rib-tickling delight to witness as his mischievous nature and top-notch audience work flourish at the Gielgud.

From the moment Skinner enters the stage he dives into his excellent audience interactions, befriending nearly the entire front row by the conclusion of the evening. He seamlessly sews in his material based on their reactions in a manner that is effortless it is impossible to tell whether this was the planned script for the evening or simply a reactive tangent - masterful. Skinner’s extended time in the comedy world is obvious in his relaxed presence on stage, the audience comfortable with what to expect and him so at ease in bringing us along for the ride.

There is little that will surprise those familiar with Frank’s relaxed yet mildly childish style as he strays into some sillier, cruder jokes but these wonderfully contrast some of the most pure, toothless jokes that can trigger a belly laugh from most. He too pokes fun at famous faces, comparing Cristiano Ronaldo to the ridges on a George Foreman grill and spreading cackling, somewhat fictional stories about meeting members of the Royal Family. A guaranteed evening of hilarity accompanies a Frank Skinner show and long may it continue.

Running until 17th February in London and then on tour until June - Tickets

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