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  • Henry Longstaff

FRYDAYS - Camden People's Theatre

An eccentric, deep-fried adventure at the Camden Fringe


Day 364 and twins Chris and Chriss are still hiding in the freezer of their late father’s chip shop. Unable to face the outside world, the freezer was of course the only option left to them. But as imaginary threats from rival fry cooks, the Friers Union (F.U. for short) emerge, they must defrost and set out on a quest to protect the last remnants of their dad’s legacy, their chip shop.

On their modern fairytale adventure, Chris and Chriss stumble upon an eclectic ensemble of characters from psychic Scouser Crystal and the legendary Friar of Fysh to Mo Tell the hotel manager and Dan the ice cream van man who offers a lot more than the average 99. Each of them masterfully distinct through the use of handcrafted props, costumes and some endearing yet questionable accents. As their crusade unfurls and riddles are revealed can Chris and Chriss save the chip shop or will the dastardly F.U. get there first?

You have now read the above and may be thinking that sounds a little bit absurd and silly and you would be totally correct but in the most joyous way. Turning Hatts Productions have served up a chirpy and charming musical comedy that reels you in. The ludicrous characters are witty, the songs are buoyant and frankly, I was hooked throughout.

Madeline Hatt and Louis Turner serve as both writers and performers in this jolly two-hander with effervescence that could frankly solve the current energy crisis. Seriously, the stamina of these two is a marvel in itself. As a double act, they are infectious in their playfulness and I challenge the grumpiest of grumps to not come away with a smile. Not content with only showcasing their acting and writing skills, Hatt and Turner also deliver on the musical front, where they seemingly pull endless instruments from within the set. The onstage musical elements lift the show further and nicely enhance comedic moments throughout.

FRYDAYS is a well-crafted, wild romp with madcap characters, delightful songs and well-timed humour. Hatt and Turner have done an excellent job in creating something silly and childish but in a clever and engaging way that leaves you feeling full and grinning on your way home. So take the bait and don’t miss out on this wonderful production.

It runs until 27 August - Tickets

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