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  • Henry Longstaff

Oh My Heart, Oh My Home - Summerhall Edinburgh Fringe

Storytelling in its purest form

Oh My Heart, Oh My Home


Every now and again there comes a show that has the power to stop time. Casey Jay Andrew’s latest is one of those.

A doll’s house sits before us, patiently waiting for the story to begin, packed with delightful detail that Andrews carefully unveils as the narrative begins. Tiny lights ignite rooms, landscapes are revealed and further intricacies are project are projected on to the rooms, each a minuscule cinematic wonder.

The story is one of home, a house, its contents and the memories it has absorbed into its walls. The lengths people will go to protect their home are limitless as proved when meteors fall from the sky above a sleepy village and a grandfather makes a choice to act. Andrew’s style of storytelling feels like a natural evolution of days in which people would gather round the fire to share folk tales, the fable holding the attention of the room delicately and completely.

Accompanying the blissful storytelling is soaring music from Jack Brett. The combination of live mixed sound, guitar and vocal is ethereal and kind, totally in step with the place of the plot at all times. The baton is calmly and precisely passed between the two performers and somehow we are transported far beyond the confines of the Summerhall basement.

The language is evocative and poetic yet grounded and accessible, guiding us into the familiar world of the story, never once at risk of leaving us behind. The hour flys by in that safe and cosy space but I could have sat there for hours, frankly I’d listen to Andrews read a shopping list because she would find a way to make it sound wondrous. Go and immersive yourself in this little bubble of bliss.

Running 7-13th, 15-20th, 22-27th - Tickets

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