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Showstopper! - Cambridge Theatre

There is no stopping the Showstoppers

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The fringe veterans have taken up residency in London’s West End and are out to prove once again that they are the best in the business - that business being the fabrication of full-length musicals right before your very eyes. The master improvisers are settled in and ready to cook up the next big hit, whatever that might look like on the night. For their gala performance, thanks to audience suggestions, we were treated to ‘Scarlet Fever,’ a brand new musical set on the sweatiest part of the underground, the central line.

Helmed and guided by Dylan Emery, the talented company work their magic in conjuring a musical out of vague audience inputs of genres and styles. We had a Tim Minchin inspired number (very appropriate as the residency shares the home of Matilda the Musical), an Avenue Q styled song from the central line’s furniture carrying inhabitants (best not to ask) and even a Sondheim ballad of terrible tinder dates. All of this is powered by the thrill that nobody in the building knows where this show will end up.

The cast of showstopper stand in a line singing

The speed at which the cast create is breathtaking, minute ideas and mishaps transform into reoccurring gags and inside jokes for those lucky enough to be inside the theatre. The fearless nature in which the team throw themselves into scenarios is equally mesmerising and thrilling, a deep trust in their and their colleagues' ability to make something out of nothing carrying them through.

It is no wonder that the Showstoppers continue to tour, perform, and teach and now are taking up a fortnightly residency thanks to their insane ability to deliver pure, unfiltered joy to all that see them in action. Go see these masters at work!

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