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  • Henry Longstaff

Sunsets - Gilded Balloon Edinburgh Fringe

Tom Hanks wouldn’t lie

Georgie Grier in Sunsets


Denver is obsessed with romantic comedies, so much so that she has created an entire podcast where she attempts to live out her rom-com fantasies. We witness the live final episode of the series as she attempts to wrap up the meet-cutes, dates and turning points whilst truths unravel around her.

Georgie Grier writes and performs, gifting an outstanding performance wrapped up in pure authenticity. Her character is instantly likeable, cracking sly jokes as she welcomes us into her bubble. She works nicely with the audience throughout, flexing her impressive rom-com knowledge as she explains how the podcast came about and the effect of having parents named Harry and Sally - the happy ending is obviously her destiny. Her desperation to live out a sunset finale is highly relatable, speaking of an innate and desperate desire to be wanted, to matter and to fix the moments that cannot be undone.

Her writing is engaging, relaxed and beautifully funny, utilising the podcast setting all while bravely pushing the format to new boundaries that I have not experienced before. As the piece begins to shift, Grier impressively navigates the emotional checkpoints she has set herself, the longing and panic truly settling in. The conclusion is a little sudden but that does not dampen the impact as the crumb trail Grier has laid pays dividends and when paired with her leading delivery it is all the more devastating.

This show is equally endearing as it is gut-wrenching. It intelligently lulls the audience into a light-hearted setting before it steadily dismantles our expectations of what the show is. Grier is compelling and astute, making this a show a one to watch at this year’s fringe.

Running 5-13th, 15-27th - Tickets

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